Welcome to Genuine ITES

Why Genuine ITES?
Whether your needs are for a custom, hi-end IT solution or ongoing management of IT services, you will reduce costs and realize improved results by leveraging Genuine ITES strengths & competencies.
Operational since six years now, Genuine ITES has developed high profile exclusive and potential policies which serves benefits mutually.

Our Strengths :  Call us to benefit from our superior staff and professional services. 

High Quality Deliverables:

  • Our well-trained and highly skilled services staffs receive repeated praise from clients for maintaining an enviable standard of excellence.
  • Our staffs include skilled network engineers, software developers and Business Analysts who create customized solution for each client.
On-Call Availability :   Our on-call availability fits clients' workflow and helps meet deadlines. 

Rapid Turnaround Time :   We regularly work on tight deadlines, turning around deliverables based on Rapid Application Design Methodologies (RAD) and Joint Application Design sessions (JAD).

Consistency and Reliability :   Selecting Genuine ITES over a revolving freelance / temporary workforce drives improved IT services consistency, deadline compliance and reliability. 

Error-Free Guarantee :   We guarantee that when we do work for you, we do it right. If not, we'll make it right for FREE.

Reducing Client Costs :   Call us to reduce your business overheads & operational expenses by replacing under-utilized fixed costs with a pay-per-use outsourced resource and by eliminating a host of "hidden" costs.

Reduce Cost-Per Employee :  Our highly-trained staff's superior productivity & robust call center Tech reduce cost of help desk operations per employee. 

Increase Utilization :  Unlike internal or temp staff that regularly goes unutilized (especially third-shift, weekends, and summer), clients only pay Genuine ITES per call or per hour thereby benefiting from a de facto 100% utilization. 

Eliminate Staffing Expenses : Eliminate staffing expenses including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and terminating, as well as inefficiencies endemic to high staff turnover rates. Eliminate Supervision Costs :   Genuine ITES eliminates the need for in-house supervision of IT services staff. 

Eliminate Management Headaches :  Increase management's focus on value-added responsibilities, instead of the distractions of managing IT departments. 

Reduce Facilities and IT Expenses :  Reallocate or liquidate office space (and associated expenses) and IT hardware currently used for call center services. 

Improving Client Results :  Call Genuine ITES to increase your chances of closing the deal, securing financing, winning the bake-off, and effectively managing your IT operations 

Increased Credibility :  An outsourced solution produced by Genuine ITES signals you that you are in credible and professional hands. 

Competitive Parity :  Match and exceed competitors' marketing presence with professional-grade services.